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Frost Birds

OMG, it's 19 degrees outside and the birds are going crazy at my feeders! I guess I have NO choice but to bundle up warmly, and go out on the front porch to get piccies! I need to get suet and peanuts and put those out, too. Can't fergit the Kinglets and Butter Butts. And those Poor ADORABLE squirrels! Crocheted two more Rasta hats and mailed them to friends yesterday. This could be profitable, if I could Just Crochet faster. I should alter my pattern somewhat. These hats are not QUITE warm enough for Winter. They are GREAT for Spring and Fall but could stand to be a little warmer for Winter. I might try that today. Car battery dead. That sucks. If My car was fixed and was paid of, AND I had more money, I think I could turn my life around quite nicely. I have a great family, GREAT friends on the internet all over the World, Literally, I just need more reliable transportation and more money. I would like to travel around the U.S. and see these friends I talk to on the internet. I've already met a few and they are becoming the best friends of my life. MY pets and grandkids are the delight and joy of my life. My wildlife photography is SO fulfilling and satisfying. I am still very lonely much of the time without my wife, but life is SLOWLY getting better. Must go get breakfast and prepare myself to face the cold.
Black Rabbit, Watership Down

Life Goes On

$ months after my wife's death. I am coping fairly well now. Yes the sadness is there, always will be to some extent I suppose. BUT! I now have my family and pets and my friends on the internet to help me cope. And My old High School GF and I have contacted each other on facebook. She is single now too, and lives just 8 miles away. We talk on the internet, through e-mails, and on the phone.I think we may start visiting . I sure HOPE so. I've always liked her. My late wife liked her. This could be a big help to me, to have someone my age to talk and visit with in person. I'd REALLY like that.

Thanksgiving was GOOD! I went to a Southern good-ol'-boy/ Mexican family gathering at my daughter in law's grandmother's house. The food was excellent, football on Giant Screen, Pumpkin Pie and coffee and beer afterwards. I had a blast.
The days are all the same and run together. If the tiniest difference occurs, it is an EVENT! I am fairly content now, but sometimes break out crying at the tiniest things. That's all for now.
Black Rabbit, Watership Down


It's been about 8 weeks since my wife passed and I am coming up against something I never thought i least not this soon......HORNINESS!
You know that your spouse was the love of your life and they suffered through excruciating torment their last days. You thought that they would always be the ONLY one for you and then it happens. STRONG PHYSICAL YEARNINGS. Not like those you had as a hormonal teen wondering what it will be like. The unbelievable yearnings you get when you KNOW what it's like and now don't have it. Sure, my wife and I were celibate for 25 years due to her conditions, but I had her to help me through and take my mind off it. Now, NOTHING, and the urges go stronger by the second. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS?!?

You've overcome grief and to a fairly good extent sadness and loneliness, only to get a right upper-cross from horniness. And not just the kind that self-manipulation will handle. you need the WHOLE nine-yards, physical, with emotional and spiritual. What's a person to do in those cases?

How do you hadle this problem?
Black Rabbit, Watership Down

Three weeks Post Denises' Death

The grief has ENDED. At the height of the grief my wife came to me. I have NO doubt that it was her. She told me to return to my daily routine and do what I wanted to and to get the things that I wanted. she told me to meet and socialize with people she said that even dating wouldn't be a bad idea. That I need someone loyal, HERE, to look after me. My dating would NOT affect OUR relationship at all. Instantly all sadness left me to be replaced with waves of indescribable joy! Now she checks in on me dfrom time to time to see how I am doing or to make funny comments or interesting ones......I'M ALIVE AGAIN!
Black Rabbit, Watership Down


I had a BALD Blue Jay show up in my yard the other day. In Summer, MANY birds molt by losing ALL the feathers on their head FIRST. This makes for some HILARIOUS pictures. It doesn't hurt the bird and is NOT caused by parasites OR a disease. It is just NORMAL Summertime molting patterns. I always look forward to the Summer molt for this reason.


In other news my son, daughter-in-law, my granddaughter, two dogs, and two cats have moved in with me following the death of my wife last week from cancer. Their son, my grandson has already been staying with my wife and I. So far, this arrangement has suited everybody involved extremely well, especially me. I LOVE dogs and cats and groups of people. Staying in this HUGE empty house has been a little creepy. Having them and their commotion here has made me feel SO much better. My wife had told me to have them do this if they and/or I got overwhelmed, and that was beginning to happen with BOTH sub-families. I lock myself up in the Rat's Nest (my bedroom ) if I need to be alone. Otherwise, I can go downstairs and visit and interact with the family. Life is good. My wife is WISE! Jesus is Lord!
Black Rabbit, Watership Down

Neese's Death post Day 5

t was one week ago today my wife had her Grand Mal seizure that started the 72 hour count-down to her passing. She passed away rather quietly I understand at 1:00 PM on Monday 8-9-10. I was NOT there. It is the biggest source of guilt I am having now. I was on my way to the Doctor's for an important appointment when I got the call on my cell Phone. Needless to say, the appointment has been rescheduled. We buried her Thursday at the Veteran's Cemetery in West Nashville.When I die I will be buried next to her, so I GOT TO STAND ON MY OWN GRAVE, LOL!!!
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Writer's Block: My Ideal Life Ten Years from Now…

What does your ideal lifestyle look like 10 years from now?

Living in my house where I live now with the house remodeled, new furniture, state of the art electronics and photo equipment. I'd like to be in the best health I can and be pretty much independent.
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Went to the Doctor's today for my wife's weekly check-up. Everything looks good. Came home and have been visiting with our grandsons. Got some GREAT moon pictures last night and posted them to three of my sites.

The heat is getting unbearable again. That means that it'll probably rain in the next couple of days.

Not much happening.
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